Blogference Next Week!

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If you’ve tracked with my blog for awhile you know I’ve participated in an online, blog-based interactive event that my long-time friend (and fellow LB Poly Jackrabbit and UCLA Bruin) Brian Barela started a couple years ago.  This year, the format has expanded and changed a bit to get more involvement and diversity.  And I’m excited to contribute for the third year in a row.  I’ve enjoyed the last couple years and this year promises to be more engaging as there’s much more momentum for a venue like this than there was a few years ago.There’s five general topics and from Tuesday to Thursday of next week there will be a post in each of those topics from three different authors.  The blogference will be held at a centralized place which you can go to here ( to see the categories and to participate.I don’t know which day my post will go up, but I’ll be posting in the topic Self-Directed Leadership Development and will be proposing some ways leaders might need to re-evaluate or re-think their assumptions as they chart out their own leadership development.  I’d love for you to check out my post over there when it goes up, but if you’re motivated I’ve love to invite you to participate as much as you are able – and contribute with comments, thoughts, and questions!Also, I haven’t done any blog maintenance here since I moved it to this new site last summer because of my schedule this past year, but I finally added a couple pages in the navigation menu up top which provide a brief bio of who I am and some basic thoughts about what I tend to blog about.  You probably have a good idea of both if you’re reading this, but it’s always fun to add new features for new visitors.

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