Preview of New Blog Series on Future of Cru

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I’m going to do a a series of posts over the next few weeks that are specific to my organizational context. 

I’ve been thinking through some of these things for months and years in some cases and I think it would be helpful to articulate some thoughts that maybe can be used for constructive conversation.

I’ve avoided writing on specific organizational realities, because as you might have observed I enjoy the theoretical, theological, and systemic realms of thought and reflection. But I care about my organization and I care about its future.  And while positive and happy speak no doubt abound within my organization and often under the guise of hope, I believe there are reasons for legitimate hope into the future.  But part of that hope is connected to what kind of conversations are taking place within our ranks.

I want to be clear before I start that these posts are not meant to be critical or hostile to my organization and I don’t believe the tone of them will cause anyone to think that.  It’s because I believe my leadership at the top levels is more open and more committed than ever to navigating and learning in some of the areas I will choose to post on.  It’s because I am hopeful of where my organization is heading at large that I believe it’s the right time to highlight some critical areas that merit, and in fact are probably desperate for, change and new ways of thinking.

I’m willing to write on these topics because I believe there are more people ready to have these conversations than ever before.

But there’s always those anxious folks that fear any change whatsoever and who feel like it’s their job to protect the past at all costs.  To the anxious reader – I won’t apologize at all for what you might feel in any of these discussions should you choose to read them.  Dig deep and let yourself dream beyond what your instinctive fears or impulses to control allow yourself.

I intend to explore some realities that are anchored in an organizational history of 60 years and which is continuing to do the work of positioning itself to fulfill its role in today’s ministry and kingdom landscape.

So clearly this is targeted to my fellow CCC/Cru staff folks, yet outsiders may easily see their own situations in many of the covered issues and topics.  I don’t believe these posts will be irrelevant to you though you will likely need to adjust your application for you own context.

So this should be fun.  I think these are some important conversations, yet they are very rare.  I hope to change that.

If you write or blog and are inspired as we go to write your own post, let me know as I may open things up for a couple guest posts if they are in the same spirit and vein of this series.

So the first post will be up in a couple days and will be a specific post on Transferability and the Future of Cru that will be a follow up to a post a couple weeks ago called How Transferability Undermines Transformation.

So I hope to come back for the series and add your own thoughts.  I don’t anticipate everyone agreeing with one another, but I think most agree that these conversations are an important factor in the hope that many of us have and feel for our organization moving forward.


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