Systems Theory and Friedman Summaries

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As I return to my usual blogging terrain, I wanted to pass on a link to a helpful summary of Friedman’s Theory of Differentiated Leadership.

David Cox wrote up a good academic summary online here (direct link):

You can download a pdf summary of that summary right here.

My friend Jay Lorenzen also wrote up a good summary of “A Failure of Nerve” a while back and you get download a pdf summary of it here:

Jay posted some reflections on and applications of Friedman and Systems Theory to Movement Leadership in this blog post which is also quite good.

Finally, if you’re wanting to do some reading on Differentiated Leadership in the context of church, team, and ministry leadership check out my article at this link though it’s still in draft form,  Look for the downward arrow in bottom right corner to download after clicking the link.

Such good stuff that’s worth your time to learn the basics of systems theory.

Also, if you never watched this video overview of Friedman’s “A Failure of Nerve” then carve out some time for it.

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