Beav’s Favorite Books from 2011

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It’s that time to post my top books of 2011.  I’ll confess – as this year witnessed my liberation from grad school after 9 years part-time, I hit a little more fiction in my routine than normal. So here are some ideas perhaps for you in 2012!  If you have a good one, leave a comment with what you liked in 2011.

So here’s my top 5 of 2011:

5.  The Killer of Little Shepherds by Douglass Starr – Fascinating account of the origins of forensic science.  It was like CSI: 18th Century France.  But fascinating book on a variety of levels.

4.  Scripture as Communication by Jeannine Brown – Really good Hermeneutics text book by a former prof of mine.  Just really enjoyable and sound to read.

3.  The Hunger Games Trilogy – I’ll do a review on these books shortly since I just finished a few days ago, but very good series even if it’s in the “Young Adult” genre.  The movie on the first book is coming out in a couple of months.  It’s a cross between Survivor and the old Schwarzenegger movie “The Running Man.”

2.  A Door Set Open  by Peter Steinke – A fantastic book, the 4th of his series on Congregational Systems.  I’m using it in my systems and power leadership community as one of the required texts. It’s a helpful book focused on mobilizing congregations towards change and mission.

1.  King Jesus Gospel by Scott McKnight – By far the book that got me thinking the most this year and that was most formative.  I still think a lot about it a couple months later.

Honorable mention starting with what would be #6 and on.

Junia is Not Alone by Scott McKnight

Do the Work by Steven Pressfield

The Son of Neptune by Rick Riordan (My guilty pleasure)

The Girl With the Dragon Tattoo Trilogy by Stiegg Larson


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