Do Your Words Heal Lightly or Deeply?

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It’s been a while since I’ve posted a good “Prophets vs. Posers” quote. I was re-reading a book I read before I started blogging a few years ago and wanted to submit this quote for your reflection,

“Throughout these events [anxiety times] God sends prophets to open the people’s eyes and to expand their horizon.  As we know, though, true prophets are without honor in their own anxious country.  Many of God’s messengers are ignored, mocked, or annihilated.  But the false prophets who cry, “Peace, Peace,” and heal the wounds of the people lightly are too often welcomed.  They promise stability but invite no reflection.  False prophets offer simple, immediate relief.  They don’t challenge people to change their limited point of view.”

-Peter Steinke, How Your Church Family Works, pg. 44

In our positivity driven culture, truth is so often treated like a buzzkill.  Worse yet, it can be treated as toxic when the desire to medicate and bath in the delusions of happiness overwhelm the quest for reality and wisdom.

Do you tend to gravitate towards denial and delusion to preserve your perceived safety and the status quo?  Or do you courageously pursue truth wherever it might lead you?  Do you choose stability over wisdom?

Originally posted November 4, 2010

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