A Three Cultures Approach to Engaging Scripture and Cross-Cultural Ministry

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Have you thought about the way culture and the Study of Scripture interact?

Have you thought about how the intersection of these two things are essential to ministry effectiveness across cultural difference?

I wrote most of this article about two and a half years ago but never released it because it felt incomplete. Over the past year after reading a few new resources and after a couple years teaching in a multi-ethnic and multi-national context in a different country, I was able to finish some of what I started.

This is not a short nor an overly academic article, but an overview and introduction to some perspectives that have greatly enhanced my ministry effectiveness as well as my study of the Scriptures.  I believe they may be able to help you and enhance your own ministry and experience of the Scriptures as well.

There are two books that were released after I wrote the bulk of this article that perhaps do a far better job in introducing some of the same concepts. If you get a chance I suggest you read Misreading Scripture Through Western Eyes or The Global Gospel. In the meantime I hope this provides some food for thought and reflection!

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