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Today there are abundant resources, books, and blogs that focus on the pragmatic side of leadership for ministries and organizations.  There’s plenty of content focused on practical steps for getting various leadership functions done.  I’m not interested in duplicating what has been done frequently and often well in other places that you can easily “Google.”

I typically focus on two dominant themes here that can contribute to broader leadership discussions and equipping and I would categorize them as Leadership Formation and Leadership Ethics (or maybe morality might be a better word given my interest in how leaders use power).   As I explore issues of identity and being in leadership as well as dynamics of power I also frequently enter into discussions of culture – both organizational culture and as it relates to ethnicity and majority minority dynamics.

If I were to summarize, this is a place that focuses on serving relationships and actions in contexts of systems and power relationships.

As you read and interact with any of the posts on this blog please take some time to share your own reflections or questions in the comment section.  I’d love to hear from you as well.  Thanks for stopping by!

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Leadership Formation & Development Within Systems and Organizations